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At present, the status of food dirty, inappropriate food safety regulations, not harmful substances ... in the market increased day by day. This not only has a serious impact on human health, but also affects the real food production and trading business, causing distrust among consumers when choosing food. Use or any other product.

A product or food before being put into business or consumed on the market, such products and / or foodstuffs must satisfy all quality standards prescribed by law. Announcing product quality standards, also known as product standards or product announcements - It is both a legal condition and an enhancement of customer credibility and trust in the quality of the product. That product.

THE SUN LAW is one of the leading companies specializing in the field of product quality standards. Commit to accompany customers throughout the course of business and product release. Make sure your license is released in a timely manner. Proud to be the best paid listing on the market with only 01 legal services. 02. THE SUN LAW by faith, prestige and professional mind, will always place customer benefits. To the top. Will be held responsible if not properly implemented as provided by the legal counseling service. So, if you really are wondering, looking for a reputable company to announce but good support for customers, THE SUN LAW is the first choice to be standing shoulder to shoulder with you. .

 Specifically, when coming to THE SUN LAW, customers will be consulted, support legal services on the announcement of product quality standards as follows:

Advise all legal regulations, practical issues revolve around procedures for announcing product quality standards in Vietnam.
Researching, reviewing and evaluating documents provided by customers such as: Certificate of free circulation, results of product testing, product information, etc. to develop testing norms according to norms. , The standard complies with the law on Product Announcement in order to save maximum time and cost for the Company.
Specific advice on the legality of each document as well as advice on modifying and supplementing the issues necessary to complete the material related to the publication of the product. At the same time, The Sun Law also advised to correct inaccurate documents, supplement the missing documents to timely meet all the documents, meet the needs of time in the process of publication.
Directly set testing criteria for each product in the spirit of optimal testing time and testing costs for customers, customer representatives send samples at the testing center most suitable for each product. And follow each progress of product testing to promptly inform customers of the information necessary during the test.
Conducting the development of dossiers of announcement of product quality standards Immediately after the test results are announced: The product quality standard announcement, basic standards, draft product labeling contents , Function, mechanism and utility of the product .... And always inform the client of the progress of the procedure for the publication of the procedure.
The field the sun law perform

Declaration of food is often self-produced in the country

Announced the circulation of imported food

Announced the circulation of functional foods imported

Conformity announcement

Cosmetics publication

Invite readers to find out the procedure for product circulation announcement!


At present, the status of foods traded in the market increasingly show signs of not ensuring food hygiene and safety. Consequently, our state is now increasingly constrained by issues related to food, especially food proclamations, where proclaiming functional foods is one of the complex product disclosure procedures to bear. A lot of strict control and strict inspection before the product is circulated in the market in Vietnam. Because the declaration of functional foods is not only a legal requirement for a product to reach consumers, it is also a commitment to the reputation of the manufacturer. For consumers on the products they provide. Therefore, product disclosure is an extremely important stage in the business of food business enterprises, products must be announced in the current period.


According to the Food Safety Law No. 55/2010 / QH22 issued on 17/06/2010 and come into effect on 01/07/2010, based on Decree 38/2012 / ND-CP of the Government stipulating in details. Implementing a number of articles of the Food Safety Law 2010 and based on the Ministry of Health Circular 19/2012 / TT-BYT regulating the declaration of conformity and declaration of conformity of food safety regulations: Functional foods and fortified foods v



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