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DO WHEN caught by the police?


DO WHEN caught by the police?

Few today, I received a lot of advice related to: "If caught, how to protect yourself and do not die ... etc". Here are a few lines to share, hope anyone reading will help somewhat.

1) If no guts, not enough calm and do not understand the law, arrest, hold the absolute right to silence, while requesting a lawyer. Note, even if there are lawyers involved, taking statements at police, who arrested also very careful, think carefully before answering. Previously (the old Penal Code), keeping silent, undeclared circumstances be regarded as "stubborn, not sincere," should not be entitled to relief if the case is tried. However, nowadays, you can take your peace of mind, silence is entitled to law enforcement agencies is not considered that the facts "aggravating or mitigating".

People also know why in fact, when a lawyer filed excuses granted, there are some agencies they delay it? Because, delayed by moment, they will proceed to take testimony of people arrested at the time. I myself have had this happen before.


By the way, after another extremely important circumstances that if I do not pay attention and timely response would be detrimental to the client. That was the case in the Central Highlands that I have status "Send him Highlands Police - Do not push innocent people in jail." Before I joined the investigation body interrogated twice and both times, the client's statements were detrimental. After being granted, I reassure the spirit and the use of measures "professional" different, this time the client has declared the whole affair but unlike before. His interrogation sessions, investigators asked him "why, earlier this out ... This ..., a different time," the calm clients including being beaten and being guided by the declaration.

I heard those words, the police immediately he gently explained that "if the emergency declaration will enjoy extenuating circumstances". Immediately, I protested. I say, my client is a suspect, not a crime so he could not say something like that (the client has just turned 18, had the disease "neurological disorder") and try to ask, if I do not anticipate and react immediately question "stroked" by the other policeman how this consequence? Sure everyone clearly.

(Opinion on not advocating the rejection evening, deliberately making it difficult for the investigative activity of the investigation body that shared purpose only to those arrested is unlawful or not understanding that preventive way).

2) If beaten, arrested person must immediately notify the Procuratorate if, blessed with VKS to "ask" or after being beaten, there are lawyers involved, tell immediately and state attorneys where was beaten, hit how or when relatives visit, including right to relatives (who are looking to relatives and lawyers CQDT heads, Director VKS ...) snooze incident. Persons arrested have the right to propose prison officers provide paper, pens and denunciation who beat her up heads CQDT, Director VKS and send relatives ...).

Note: Try to remember the name, shape, yet my face hit his police to later singled and accurate. Maybe, when denunciations beaten, police say, "Where is the evidence" is itself secure, lawyers will find a way to "scraping for it", otherwise moi is also protection plan ....



[Comments (2) only a very small part to limit beaten only by the state, if the detention is not due to another agency which let the police, I'm sure it still happens].

I still want to reiterate once again to confirm that the best way to protect yourself and loved ones is now: Be prepared for yourself and your family a law office or a certain lawyer (good most mobile phone number of a lawyer) have the capacity, reliability if encountered something they asked for help.

In this society, anything can happen.

P / s: Individuals practicing, his luck was the police harass injured so often less. There are police office when I arrived, they usually considerate, encouraging lawyers and wants to them to find out the truth and I am grateful to know how many, but there are cases of "oh, so heart wrenching. .. ".


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