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Article 4.- Conditions applicable to establishments

1. Location and environment:

a / Having enough space for arrangement of food production areas, auxiliary areas and convenient for production, preservation and transportation of food;

b / The food production and preservation area is not submerged, stagnant;

c) Not be affected by animals, insects or harmful microorganisms;

d) Not to affect food safety from areas contaminated with dust, toxic chemicals and other polluting sources.

2. Factory design:

a / The production workshops and auxiliary areas must be designed to build enough space for the equipment of the food production line and suitable with the designing capabilities of the establishments;

b) The food production process must be arranged on a one-way basis from raw materials to final products;

c / Warehouse areas, finished goods warehouses; Preliminary processing, processing and packing; Toilet area; Protective dressing area and associated auxiliary areas must be designed separately;

d) Internal roads must be designed to be hygienic; Sewers must be covered to ensure hygiene and clearing;

e / Places for gathering and treating wastes must be designed and constructed outside the food production workshops and ensure hygiene.

3. Factory structure:

a / The workshop must have a solid structure suited to the nature, scale and technological processes of food production;

b / Materials in direct contact with foodstuffs must have a smooth surface, impermeable to water, be free from contamination of foodstuffs, have less erosion caused by detergents, disinfectants and easy to clean, antiseptic;

c) Flat, bright, waterproof, cracked, non-sticky and easy to clean; Flat, bright color, not leaking, waterproof, cracked, sticky dirt and easy to clean;

d) The flat, smooth, well drained, impermeable and easy to clean floor.

4. Ventilation system:

a / To ensure ventilation of the premises of the establishment and suit the requirements of the type of food production; easy maintenance and cleaning.

b) The wind direction of the ventilation system must not be blown from the potentially hazardous area to the clean area.

Lighting system:

a / Ensure lighting to meet production requirements, control quality and safety of products;

b) The light bulb must be shielded safely from the box to prevent breakage and ensure that fragments do not fall into the food.

6. Water supply system:

a / Ensuring sufficient clean water for food production and meeting the national technical standards on drinking water quality;

b) To ensure sufficient clean water for hand washing, hygiene of equipment, tools and basic hygiene in accordance with national technical standards on water quality in the production process.

7. Steam and Pneumatic:

a / Steam and compressed air used for food production must be clean, safe and food-free;

b) It must have its own pipe and color to distinguish and not connect the water system used for food production with the water system used for the production of steam, refrigeration, fire prevention or fighting or use. for other purposes.

8. Waste treatment system:

a / Having enough solid waste collection equipment with lids. Hazardous solid waste containers must have signs for distinguishing them according to the provisions of law on environmental protection. If there is no solid waste treatment system, there must be a collection contract signed with the organization or individual permitted to treat other solid waste in the locality;

b / Waste treatment systems must be regularly operated and waste treated up to the prescribed standards on environmental sanitation.

9. Toilets and dressing area for labor protection:

a) The toilet must be located separately from the food production area; The toilet door must not open into the production area;

b) Proper ventilation should be ensured, not to be blown from the toilet to the production area; Drainage must be easy and hygienic. There is a table for washing hands;

c) There is a wardrobe for labor protection before and after work.

10. In the course of production, food materials and food packages must meet the following requirements:

a / Food raw materials, food additives and processing aids used in food production must be of clear origin and ensure safety;

b / The food packages must be firm and safe; No contamination and pollution, affecting food quality and safety.

Article 5.- Conditions on equipment and instruments

1. Equipment and instruments in direct contact with food must be designed and manufactured to suit production technology requirements; To ensure safety, not to pollute food, easy to clean, disinfect and maintain. Mobile equipment, tools must be durable, easy to move, disassemble and clean.

2. Hand washing and disinfecting means:

a / Having enough equipment for hand washing, disinfection of hands, boots, shoes and slippers before entering the food production area;

b) Food production workshop



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