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In addition to the scope of activities in the fields of Business, Investment, Contract, Announced product quality standards ... A range of other activities are also being LAW THE SUN many customers believe the choice is Translation Applying for a business license number commonly used as:

Certificate of food safety;
Registration Code bar code;
Permits for foreigners living or working in Vietnam such as work permit, residence registration certificate, certificate of judicial records, Visa ...;


                Certificate of food safety is one of the elements required at individual, organizational implementation and production activities, trading in food. Certificate of food safety is not only the legal conditions required but also the basis of confirmed customer confidence in the product. Since only the units eligible to business, food production Statutory this newly granted.

Each type of production, the business will have a regulation on conditions to ensure appropriate food safety in Chapter IV Food Safety Act 2010.

If customers do not know the type of manufacturing business enterprise in the cases you have to have certificates of food safety or not, just contact us, you will get free advice on implementation process procedures.

Besides, during practices. Certificate noticed that food safety is one of the licenses only be issued when going through a fairly long process, take a lot of cost, time and effort. Because our country is increasingly pose stricter standards for the production and business operation of food processing. However, if customers come to us, you will definitely get a license owned food safety quickly, the maximum cost savings compared to conventional.

* TRAINING CARDS food safety

To be granted certificates of food safety, one of the most important documents that's required training Cards food safety of the business owner and the staff of the Enterprise. If under normal, to get training card food safety, you are required to Contact Centres are functional training of food hygiene and safety, have to wait until registration of the Center Stage ( a year have focused organizations in several stages), must play the prescribed fee, Having medical certificate; Must undergo final exams after the joining process ... training. Complex series of procedures to obtain a training card plate.

However, with the longtime practice. THE SUN LAW by our expertise and professional reputation and his relationships. Will help our customers get 1 card Safety Training food quickly, easily, without going through any stages, procedures. Just stay at home, and will be within 7 days.



Code bar code is one way to identify and collect data automatically for products and services of an organization or enterprise in the process of production and business.

Currently, whether large or small enterprises, but the operation has produced the goods, products, services ... they are registration numbers and barcodes for your business items. Because, registration codes or bar codes will now have the following advantages:

+ Each item will have a corresponding bar code which enables businesses to easily manage goods.

+ When you put the product into the international market, manufacturers and suppliers will easily avoid the phenomenon of commercial fraud, protect consumer rights.

+ In the trading relationship will control each restaurant name, design models, prices ...

With many years experience in the field of registration of barcodes. Every year, hundreds of customers have come to us to support bar code registration service to their units. Registration service package of barcodes fastest, cheapest, most prestigious and long-term support for our customers.


                 * WORK PERMITS

Currently, Vietnam is increasingly attracting large amounts of foreign workers in Vietnam. Also a lot of foreigners after the course work, they chose Vietnam as a habitat for their long-term. However, due to the nature is alien to Legal if you are not eligible for a work permit exemption, you must have a work permit when working QI activities in Vietnam. Of course, if you come to us, the granting of work permits for foreigners will not be a concern anymore. Rapid procedures, the maximum cost savings, better support for foreigners ... and some other strengths are the highlights make The Sun Law has always been a reliable, reputable in this field.



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