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To obtain a certificate of qualified food safety, what you need ???


To obtain a certificate of qualified food safety, what you need ???

Any organization or individual engaged in the production and trading of food must permit food safety granted by the Ministry of Health (Except for the absence of required sanitary permits food as prescribed by law). If any business has manufacturing operations, food business without a license certified food safety would be penalized under the provisions (Decree 178/2013 / ND-CP on sanctions ddihnj major food safety violations by the Government)


*** The process of consultation carried out procedures to apply for a certificate of food safety as follows:

 - Check, survey the situation profile existing production facilities of the enterprise. Brief counseling procedures to do, what documents need to provide paperwork for certification food safety.

- Contracting services legal advice on issues related to licensing procedures for food safety.

- Guide complete enterprise training food safety or enterprise can subscribe training card within 03 days only.

- Guide enterprises of Health Certificate or business can register to buy a green card without a medical examination.

- Business Guide to overcome the shortcomings of the production facilities in order to reach the next highest standards inspection team of the Ministry of the test.

- Construction of the records of the law on licensing of food safety.

- Representing clients at the agency Filing competent state.

- From the moment of filing until the Ministry to examine the basis of the obligations we have co-operated with businesses to welcome to the inspection team of the Ministry.

- Customer support regulatory food safety during business customers in production facilities in the given period.

*** Document paperwork customers need to provide:

Customers do not need to prepare a lot of paperwork and applying for licensing. Since we have prepared all statutory paperwork for customers, including the most difficult papers. The rest of you, just prepare two papers were available as follows:

Certificate of business registration
Training card (yellow card) and a certificate of health eligibility (green card). In case customers do not have to punish two cards, then we can support customers get 2 cards while only 03-05 days. This may be a single company can issue this important 02 cards in the papermaking process allows food safety with the fastest time, cost, effort, and time-based relationships our system with competent authorities to this card.
*** Time: No need to wait for the response from state agencies from shines after year like in practice, do extra effort and time now. We can help you just sit at home, but still obtain permits to be able to faster time than the actual 3.4 times without experiencing any difficulties, any glitch.

Any questions please contact the hotline: 0904.764.984 (Call / SMS / Zalo)


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